Do you think she will like this?

I was going to ask a girl out Wednesday since Saturday is valintine. But I was going to get a rose and hand it to her and say would you be my valentine and go out with me. What do you guys think?


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  • Oh ny god, that's so cute. Do it do it! May I ask, do you know her or is she a stranger/crush?

    • We know each other. Not supper well. We go to church events together and know each other by name. If that makes since.

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    • Thanks, well I hope it works out for them. Ok onther question for you. Should I get the flowers that are bundled up in a pack or can you by a single rose?

    • Oh that's a good one.. I prefer a single rose because the other option scares me a little bit lol. It's too much. A single rose is simple though. but I don't know if she'll like that. It has something to do with preference I guess.

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  • Yes maan it is romantic

  • do it. so cute.


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