What do guys like in younger females?

What is the biggest age difference you would be fine with (younger)
Do men like females younger than them?
Is 5.5 years a big age difference?
What makes a younger female more attractive?


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  • what makes her more attractive? the main reason guys even go for younger women is the simple fact that they're younger.


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  • As long as she isn't a child under 18, Age is irrevelent when it comes to an adult relationship. But a let's say 20 yr old with a 14 yr old isn't exactly Okay.


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  • My brother once told me that girl is become mature faster than boys. And the difference of this maturity could be 10 years. For example, your age may be 18 years old but your thought could be like 25-28 years old girl. So many boys will search for younger girl due to this "maturity" thing (to get the same maturity level).

    But, don't forget that your level of education could affect your maturity too. From where I live -Indonesia-, it's pretty considered too. Because sometimes younger girl is more jealousy than same-old-girl. It's related to school-university-office social relationship's difference (in Indonesia). Every education level will bring more people and more freedom. On office's SR, usually maturity become "thing" that considered too.

    Because although girl's thought could be 10 years above her real age, it's still different with live the situation directly.