Want to choose between two girls, how to decide?

I'm ready for a committed relationship and want to decide between one of the two girls I really like.
The first one is a classy and mature girl who acts polite and others admire her a lot and say she's wife material.
The other girl is similar to me in some ways for example she's more into fun and friends and fashion and stuffs like those.
Both of them are pretty but I can't decide between them yet.


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  • With whom you can be yourself and talk about your problem (ALL your problem -job, friends, even family problem) and so does her to you. Because a marriage is -after all- about honesty and openness between the couple.

    • With the second girl I can be myself but the person who I am now is not what I want to be in near future, I want to be more mature and more responsible and think the first girl can makes me better person.

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    • Thank so much for your helps, I asked the first girl today and she reject me in polite way because she was thinking I'm not ready for a committed relationship. I'm so sad right now don't know what to do. I text the second girl but not about that she doesn't know anything about me and this girl and we had good chat makes me a little better but still sad and feel heart broken.

    • Sorry for the bad news. But if I allowed to give you an advice, please be careful with your relationship with the second girl right now. I mean don't make her as your "back-up girl" especially when she doesn't know about you and the first girl. Make sure you calm your feeling right now, so you'll have a neutral perspective. Don't compare the second girl with the first girl if you're going to continue your relationship with the second girl. I'll feel terrible for her if you do that.

      Maybe it's too fast for me to say it, but I just don't want your past relationship haunt the new relationship. It happens many times with some people I know..

      I hope the best for you.. :)

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  • Do you actually have feelings for either of them or are they just options to you? You must like one of them more? I would choose the one you can have more fun with and makes you happy, don't just choose someone because of how it looks on paper.

    • I like them both equal at this time. For fun the second one would be a good choice but I want a committed and serious relationship with future and think the first girl would be better choice.

    • Well if your heart isn't telling you to go with the second one then go for it with the first one

    • My heart is telling me both of them but by my mind is pushing me to the first one.

  • Choose the second, if the first was the right girl for you, you would never have made the second an option

    • The first and the second are not in any order you can replace their standing.

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    • Thanks. Choosing one them means losing the other its the hardest decision I ever had.

    • You have to make the choice though, you can't have both Lol

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  • At my age (15) I would personally go for the fun one because it would gain me experience and actually having some fun before some wife material girl..

    But at your age, i don't know. How much expeience and fun do you have? If you have enough and ready to find a wife type girl, go for the mature.

    If you need more experience or just fun, go with the fun one :)

    • At your age I was like you but now I had enough fun and experiences and its time to take a serious decision.

    • yeah, then if you were looking for something serious, go for the wife material, because she seems more loyal and dedicated towards the relationship. Also, if people respect her and she's mature and polite, it shows maturity :P

      And then the other one is good if you want to have fun and to have a good time.

  • flip a coin

    • Rather to find a more logical way.

  • Pick at random.