Should I go out with my ex boyfriend's friend?

So my ex boyfriend (guy 1) was a total emotionally abusive jerk. Wishy washy about if he wanted a relationship with me, and literally treated me like crap. Recently I reconnected with one of his friends. We've been talking lately and we hit it off so well! I don't think he knows that I dated guy 1. We've made plans to grab a bite and drinks soon. How should I approach this? Should I ask my ex if he's ok with me seeing his friend? I don't want any bad karma here.. even though my ex technically cheated on me more than once I think (breaking up with me just to sleep with another girl then coming back so he wouldn't have to call it cheating) HELP!

I also don't want to hurt my ex because I care about him tremendously. I don't know what to do :(


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  • Don't ask your ex anything. If someone had to ask, it would be guy 2 but you said that guy 2 doesn't even know that you dated guy 1. If you like him and he treats you well, I see nothing wrong with this.

    • Should I not mention my ex to the new guy at all?

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    • I don't know you're ex, but he doesn't seem like a keeper. But you cherish him like he is one. I don't think anyone should live there life waiting on someone because you're ex is going to do what he wants to do. You mine as well do what you want to do and live your life. I also don't think its good for you to show him he can come back at any given time and you're going to be available for him. If your ex comes back again and you're with someone else then so be it, he had his chance (s). If you really want to move on then I suggest you cut all contact from this guy. And who knows? You're ex could be in the way of you meeting a really great guy, one who doesn't put you on the back burner for their convenience.

    • You're definitely right. I've deleted him off everything and we don't talk. He texted me 2 weeks after not talking when he was drunk one night pretty much saying I hope you don't think about me because I think about my freedom and nothing else." Nice guy... But yeah thanks for the different perspective. It's time to move on

  • Only If you want to if you like him

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