How to trust my bf again?

Its a long story but I try to cut it short, so I had a two year relationship with my current bf last month he dump me for a girl he just met a few months ago. He fell out of love with me in the last four months of our relationship. He was texting her behind my back and he start liking her (not loving her). He realizes he likes her and dumps me for her. I was heartbroken, during our breakup he was confuse he try to date her and he realize she was fucking with his feelings then he realize he made a big mistake by dumping me and breaking my heart. He came back and try to be my bf again I told him no at first I wanted to move on. But I thought about it and decide to give him a chance again. On January 30th we got back together officially. We still trying to work out, the hard part for me right now is trusting him I'm still hurt by what happen and I'm trying to get over its so hard. I feel that he did emotionally cheated on me since he was liking her and texting her and all this shit while being with me. After everything that has happen I kinda have trust in him but I want to know how can I trust him fully again like before.


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  • You are fighting a losing battle. I know how hard you want to trust him, but sheer force of will won't ever change the fact your boyfriend abused your trust.

    Loving someone that's willing to put you through that is not an easy or wise thing to do. He only took you back because he couldn't get her, not because he realized you were the right girl for him. I'm not going to tell you to leave him, but you will never forget that pain. No matter how hard you try. So things will never be as they were before. Trust is sacred and is not something that can be returned to once its been taken away.


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  • you can never fully trust him again. he cheated on you emotionaly

    • But I want advice on how I can trust him again fully.

    • you can't.

    • Your not me how can you tell I won't be able to?

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