What to make of a sudden change in attitude?

To cut a long story short, man and I were dating (he's 35 im 23), it never became anything more than sexual, we were on and off, mostly my doing. We got back in touch recently and all of a sudden he wants to talk about normal things rather than anything sexual, I flirt, he flirts back but never lets the convo get too sexual, and extends conversations like how our weekends were blah blah blah, and now he wants to meet up in public during the day, like a date... Totally opposite to the past 8 months this has carried on. I've dated other men just as he has dated other women. Why the sudden change in attitude?


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  • He might feel the need to grasp on to a foundation in his life now
    he's aging and had his fill of sex which obviously isn't everything to him at this point. Maybe he really liked the time you two spent together and really wants something more and if you like him you should let him get to know you and see where it goes from here.