How do you found out a girl or a guy likes you?

Because i got told that guys like me but i want to know myself but i like girls too, so I don't know what to do.


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  • copy paste from here take the good leave the bad or whatever you feel doesn't apply to your situation

    1 Um when they smile at me while talking to their friends=attracted
    2 if she finds a way to get near me for no apparent reason and small talk (#^ ^#)= attracted
    3 if she hits/touches me for no reason= attracted
    4 if she asks "where is your GF at?" it usually means she is attracted to me ^^
    5 if she uses her polite voice with a little hesitation=attracted to me

    More times than not ill just tease them saying you like me don't you on? and they'd usually admit to it. but if tdon'tdontthe 1st time ill keep pushing them or tinkling them ^^ and eventually she'll admit

    • well i like girls and boys but i like this boy... and the girls at my school are scared to say they are bi or lesbian

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    • i really dont know what that means but okay

    • if your crush is the playful type. take something of their and run with it. If they're typing on a computer erase a couple of letters/words and smile at them etc

      Just be playful/girly with them and they should flirt back

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