Girls, would u date x military guys?

Girls, would u date an ex Marine special forces man? I don't talk about anything that I've seen or done during my service time to girls bc it would probably freak them out and it's all classifed anyway. I left the marines at the beginning of 2015 and served 5 years.

Where I am no girls want anything to do with me once the've heard I'm an x marine. I just wonder why


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  • I don't mean to be rude, but I doubt your in the military. First off, your referring to yourself as a "Marine Special Forces man". A job title labeled "man" is beyond me. If you new anything about the military, you'd know Special Forces is Army. Marine's have MARSOC as their special operations units. Secondly, I don't know many people in the militsry who openly gloat that they know classified information. If you were actually in, you'd know that goes against OPSEC and could be in a lot of trouble for that. Thirdly and lastly, people in th militsry have more modesty and integrity when describing themselves. The fact you feel the need to make yourself seem special on an online forum kinda makes me doubt your authenticity.

    - Currently enlisted and serving In the Air Force.


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  • Yes unless he was dishonorably discharged then clearly you could see why I wouldn't want to be with them lol. Plus some women actually look for military men.

  • Yes definitely


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