Do I have a shot with this girl?

I met her in my Liberal arts class in college during a group assignment. We helped each other a lot and when the rest of our group left she introduced herself to me and I did the same. Next day she waves and asks me how my weekend went and everything. One day she was sick one day and missed an assignment so I copied mine and gave it to her, she said i was really sweet for doing it. A school play comes up and it's apart of our class assignment to right an essay on it so I figured why not ask her. So a day later she sees me again and waves asking me how my weekend went and then I asked her if she got her tickets and she said no and that she didn't know where they were at ( our teacher told us the location) so I asked her if she wanted to go and she said she would love to so she ended up putting her name and number into my phone and now we're meeting up at the University theatre at Friday at night. What do you guys think?


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  • Yeah, sounds like you do.
    I think she likes you cuz she asked you about your weekends more than once AND agreed to go to theatre together. Giving you her phone number is also a big sign! xD


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