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I've know this guy since the second grade. He is my parents best friends son. He brings me coffee in the mornings and speaks 7 languages including Italian fluently. I've spent summers with him and his family since I was 8 years old and this guy has protected me since he first saw me. He lives in Barcelona, Spain and I'm always there for work, like 3 out of the 4 weeks of the month I'm there. I stay with him when I'm in Spain bc he says he has the space. He's super sweet, loving, helpful and gentle. He brings me coffee in the mornings and speaks 7 languages including Italian fluently and he'll argu with me in Italian bc I speak it to and he always says amore, amore which means love. He'll play little games of keep away and chase me around. He's always there and knows everything about me. He asked me out for for a real date over the weekend and I don't know what I should say. Would u go out with this guy even if u had this relationship with him already? Does he like me as more than a friend?


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  • Go on the date. It's worth a try, and it's only a first date so if it doesn't work out not much will probably be ruined. it seems like you guys would make a cute couple, and one that would last long too. Just don't go out with him if you don't like him like that! Good luck, my friend!

    • I've kinda had a crush on him since college!

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    • I get it.. From what I see it will work out fine, but I understand. If I were you I'd still go for it, because it's better if you take that chance then lose it forever.

    • Ur right it will be interesting to see what he has planned