Is it common for guys to not text or call for a long time?

I usually answer my phone as soon as I get the text or phone call unless I`m sleeping or my phone is dead.. I know some guy friend who will not answer for hours or even days sometimes my boyfriend does this sometimes as well today I went to call him and see when he would be back I`d left something at his house the last time I saw him and was hoping to get it today since I would probably need it soon.. so I called and no answer so I sent a quick text asking if he was busy today and if he knew when he was going to be back by explaining that I was hoping to see him for a bit and get what I`d forgotten at his place today if he wasn't to busy and if he wasn't able to that I could get it when he wasn't as busy.. A few hours went by maybe 2-3 when he texted me back saying he was still there and so I just told him I could get it another day that he wasn't busy.. Its just something I`ve noticed that it can take anywhere from a few hours to a day sometimes before a reply is made by some other people I know and my boyfriend where as I know others who always answer instantly almost.. I will send a text in the morning when I know they`d mostly likely be up and hear back by a few hours at most a day so I'm wondering is this common for you guys to take a long time to send a text back or return a phone call? Its just something I`ve noticed it happens to some of my friends as well. I know most people aren't married to their phones so to speak lol.


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Also I know when he's with me or friends and in class he will usually put his phone on silent and not check it as much and when he's not doing anything he will answer within a few minutes.
Another thing is my boyfriend will often only take a few hours to text me back it is more my friends who tend to take up to a day to text back.


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  • I'm sorry but thats not right other people I'd understand if they took a few hours to reply but if your BF is taking a few hours to a whole day to text you back you need to have words. When I was in a relationship the most I'd go without texting her back was probably a 1 or 2 hours but that was when I was playing football and couldn't or if I was driving otherwise it would be straight away.

    • Yeah I tend to try and see it as I know he has a lot of homework and will often go straight home and sleep for a bit so I can see how he easily will not text back for that long another thing he does is when he's with me or friends he often puts his phone on silent and won't look at it much he will now text me within a decent few hours for the most part since I told him there are times I need to speak to him and so he has tried to start texting sooner there a a few odd times he will take the day tho its mostly the friends who continue to take a whole day more then him and yes when driving and stuff I could easily see why and thanks

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  • It depends on the person. I would say that the majority of guys have this huge misconception that waiting somehow makes them seem more attractive, though from a psychological standpoint, it is often counterproductive.

    • Hmm good point its something I will keep in mind thanks

  • Depends. If I'm driving, or in a meeting at work, or talking to someone, or *insert long list here* then I won't answer right away. Though I do try to tell someone if I have to go.

    • Ah I see yes I could understand driving and all that for not answering it is nice when someone tells you they can't talk for awhile since they will be busy thanks

  • I'll usually text my GF back asap... but sometimes I like to take a little longer to send them.

    • Hmm I see any reason for wanting to wait longer? or just cause? thanks

    • Keep her on her toes I guess?

    • Oh I see

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  • yes. it's commom for people with lives not to always text back immediately.

    • I know plenty of people who have lives who will text back right away is what I'm trying to get at tho thanks

  • Guys always text me back quick. Longest I had was one time this guy was in court (driving stuff) and he didn't text me back for ages til he was finished.

    • Well thats good my boyfriend says he prefers to not have his phone out to much when he's with me or friends so I tend to have a few hours in-between texts unless he's not with friends or not in class when he's at home and not with other people he will text back within a minute or so and thanks

    • Because he's polite lol. a lot of people don't care these days and will even just pull out their phone and text while somebody is talking to them. Lucky you, you found one of the last ones left with really good manners.

    • Yeah I do agree about the being lucky part as I like that part that I know he won't pay attention to his phone when we are hanging out or talking unless its important I guess I just can't believe how busy he seems to get lol it seems like whenever I tend to really need to speak with him quickly I have a small wait is all lol thanks :)

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