How do I keep my mind off him?

I can't stop over analyzing his texting patterns. He is opening my snaps and not replying, not initiating lately, ending text convos soon. It drives me crazy! And I'm going to visit him this weekend, so I don't know how to keep this from bothering me in the meantime. Any ideas?


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  • Blah. I'm in the same boat. Constantly worrying about everything he does or doesn't do. Best advice I have? Occupy your mind with books, movies, walks in your neighborhood - things like that!

    • Thanks for being positive. Too many people on here would say just leave him, but I do know that's not what's going on here.

    • You're welcome. :) Thinking negative only makes things worse. I'm here if you want someone to talk to. Definitely not trying to be a creeper but I could use a friend because I'm always worrying about my boyfriend too. Best of luck though! :) Think happy thoughts.