Accidentally called this girl another name?

Well this girl that I have been going out with that I am going to call "girl a" I accidentally called her another girls name, yes "girl b". Well when we first started talking it happened a lot. I work with "girl b" and have to speak to her since she is a co worker and been working with her before I reconnected with girl a. So the first few times for some reason I just couldn't stop calling her girl b. Well I explained that I work with her and don't like her, because she asked me if I did in fact like her. So we were going good up until the night before she left for another state. Where there was one slip up where I called her girl b again This is after dating for a month and I was dropping her off. She asked me again if I liked her, I told her the same exact thing that I told her the first time. Now it seems that since she moved she doesn't answer my text or anything even though it has just been a few days. I told myself to just let it go, because I knew she was leaving a little while ago. Instead of being like oh well on to the next, I am actually still thinking about this girl. Even though since her telling me she was leaving I tried to not really fall for this girl, it has happened. I don't know what to do now, because for me it is not the easiest thing for me to get a date, much less multiple dates from the same girl or just different girls.


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  • Not a big deal. Don't worry... Go eat some snacks

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