I got love for my baby mama?

What's it mean when someone says they got love for their other baby mama? I have a baby with my boyfriend and he also has one on the way with someone else. Told me he will always have love for both of us but wants me?
That mean he still in love with her?


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  • If a man ever has to choose, or ever wants to have both women, you be the one to walk out first? What are you? Are you his woman or are you his option? His rebound? His side chick?
    Take his ass to court if he refuses to pay child support. Of course, let him see the child as much as he wants to, but don't make time for him. Many more men out there will be happy to have you.

    • He did leave her to get back with me. Now she's engaged and living with someone else.
      But you do make sense.

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