Could my crush like ME back? Me?

my boss and i are the same age. He blushes when I talk to him and sometimes takes a minute to respond and just stares at me. he teases me every time he sees me and when he makes jokes to other people he looks at me. He's nice too The other day I had my bike locked up in the back of work and when I clocked off I was chatting with a different coworker and when I turned around my crush had gotten my bike from the back for me and teased me. I was surprised and he said he "was trying to be nice." then told me to be safe on the way home. Then on another shift I wanted something (but not that important, it was like a dumb thing) and he searched for it forever! Then I told him not to worry about it and he was like "let me check again before I let you go!" And proceeded to check everywhere! another time he called me long after I had left work to tell me I did a good job at work that day. he called to tell me that so late (it was 10 pm) he said he just wanted to tell me before he forgot. But I didn't think it was that important. And when I feel sick/down he can always tell and asks me if i'm feeling ok and if he can do anything for me.


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  • There's always a possibility, but who knows for certain?

    My crushes typically are always unrequited so I'm bit of a negative nancy in believing in mutual crushes. But, hey, here's hopin' for ya, kid.

  • I think there's 80% that he's like u. 'Cause I think people don't waste their time on something not important.