This guy? Is he into me?

I met a boy through an online dating site. We had sex the first date. I thought it was a hook up. But we kept texting. Then he went to his family house for 6 weeks, and while we kept texting and sexting. Usually I was the one that initiate sexting -I'm very attracted to him. Then he came back, ask me out on a second 'date'. Went to his house. Watched a movie cuddling, and then made out and I gave him a bj -I was on my period. Then I felt terrible about it. Felt like I was giving the wrong impression, because I don't want a f*ck buddy. And told him I wanted to break things off. We get passed it. He said that he was upset a little, but already was OK. By the way, I was hyperactive today, because I drink too much coffee, and texted him a lot, he texted me back, but at the end I said that I knew I was being a pain in the a**, just joking, knowing he doesn't like to text that much. He said I was. And then said a few things and stop responding. He does this sometimes when he doesn't know/doesn't want to reply. I won't text him anymore, till he texts me... Does he like me? Or he is just bored? By the way, he still is active in the online dating site... And he goes to his family house almost every weekend, and he has to study for college - me too, and I told him that I would like to see him, and his mom is coming to town this week. So I'm not begging for him to see me, obviously he's busy. But I don't trust him... and I would like him to give me bigger hints to make me know he is at least a little into me.


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  • Sex on the first date? Smh your lucky he still talks to you.

    • Why? We both are very sexual an open about it

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