How do you know when you're ready to date again?

It's a been a year since I ended things with my ex. I'm not still in love with him or any of that, I'm glad that I left even though I didn't want to at the time, I knew I'd be better off in the long run. Well I've gone on a few dates, had a friends with benefits .. whom said he wanted more, which was clearly not the case, even though I really enjoyed my time with him.. he was really flakey. Anyways... the men I've talked to.. I'm just not interested.. I mean the dates I went on, very nice men.. and I just couldn't get into it.. I feel stuck. And the times I've thought I may have been interested.. I guess I proceeded with too much caution? Like they seemed clingy at first and itd shy me away, or I worried they may be a player or how could a handsome nice guy like you be single... for so long.. there's got to be something bad wrong? I've never been this way. I'm happy single, but at the same time I'm worried that I'm closing myself off from men, and romance. My breakup wasn't the heartbreak most of them are, yeah it hurt, but by the time I left, it had been over for me for awhile. My relationship, was my heart break. I miscarried, was cheated on (almost positive of that) was basically a mom to a grown ass man that I didn't live with. I cooked clean and did all his laundry every wkend, and he expected it to be done, if not he bitched. He drank every weekend and I had to be the driver.. whether I drank or not. It got old and I feel numb to the dating scene now, anyone else experienced this? Any advise? Should I suck it up and date someone and just pray they don't turn into a clingy, control freak with mama issues, who can't keep it in their pants.. or continue to push every fella who wants to so much as grab coffee with me away?


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  • I have a better idea... how about you take a break from the entire dating scene and take some time for yourself. Reconnect with all the good things your life consisted of before dating your ex and all these guys.

    • Great answer.

    • Oh I have, it was 4 months before I so much as talked to a fella, who wasn't a close friend. I spent my time working, going to school and my free time on my horse. And when I said date.. I've gone out on a date with 3 men..

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  • you're ready when you're horny and masturbating doesn't cut it anymore.


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  • I agree with @noclue2 , i think it sounds like you're exhausted from the dating scene. It is possible to not be dating for awhile.

    • Like I told noclue2, it was 4 months before I even talk to a guy other than the 2 close guy friends I have. And I've only been on 3 dates... I kinda made that seem like I've been serial dating and talking to tons of guys.. that's not the case.