Am I not good enough?


I will try make this short.

I have been liking this girl for years now. I have never had a crush this long before. It felt amazing at first. But didn't go as well later on.

Me and her were like best friends. I always had a crush on her. So i liked being best riends because we were always close. I got to tell her my crush on Valentine's day after like 8 months and she said she didn't feel the same way. It was hurting but its okay. I was convinced with the fact that she will not date her ebst friends.

A few months later, i found out that she was dating this friend of mine. I was so depressed. I couldn't cope, But i thought that was life and i tried to limit my talk with her. But they broke up after 8 months.

Thats when I thought my doors started to open. I always believed everything happened for a reason and this time I though it happened ebcause I was meant to be with her. Thats when this other boy came in. This new boy had a crush on her. And he knew i had a crush on her too.

He tried to do the same thing as me (to be friends with her). Years passed and after about say 2 years, they were close friends/best friends. Me and her on the other hand were very close too!! He felt very jealous of me and her being close. And she used to tell me how she hated the fact that he gets jealous too easily. So iw as very convinced that she wouldn't date him because as i said earlier it always seems like she never dates her best friends.

But things changed quickly. After about 3 months they seem to have gotten closer. More sleepover etc etc. And I came to realise that... they were dating.. I couldnt cope.

I always thought I had the better chance. I didn't mind if she dated someone else. But why him? I liked her for longer and i am sure that i have showed why i am worth it. But some how the impossible turned to possible. That is the posisblity of them dating turned possbile. Am i not good enough.


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  • I feel like you didn't try to make that short at all.


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  • At least you have the best seat in the entire stadium.
    When life gives you lemons , you can't go and make chocolate out of it.

  • "Bu why him? I liked her for longer and I an sure that I showed why I am worth it" She doesn't owe you anything, she can date who she wants. I dont get how being a best friend can be a good strategy to get a girl, it is more like shooting your own foot and trying to run... Just move on, there is plenty of fish in the sea out there, dont chase someone who has been clear that doesn't like you in a romantic way

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