Gagers, how to stop liking a guy?

So, I thought I stopped liking this guy, I've been distant from him just to make it happen, but apparently I haven't, because when he recently sent me a message, I had a butterflies in my stomach (kind of). Do you have any suggestions on this? And deleting him from every social media is not an option since we go to the same class and he'll ask me why I deleted him. Also, I tried to avoid him but it seemed like he was around me all the time, talking to me and so on. He still does that, so what to do?


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  • I don't know I'm tryin to figure that out myself right now.

    • Oh really, and what's the reason for that, If I may ask? :)

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    • Oh, same as my situation..

    • Me too girl, me too.

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  • Let me know when you figure it out lol. Currently going through that myself right now.

  • Y do you want to stop liking him?

    • Yes because it's pointless. We won't be together for bunch of reasons so it's better for me to just forget and move on..