What to do in this situation?

Okay my manager recently revealed he had a crush on me but when I told him I'm attracted to him as well he backed off. He started saying its him not me and he just wants to see me happy and he doesn't want to hurt me. Not to mention I just got out of a 3 year relationship because my bf cheated on me about a week ago.


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  • Realistically, if he's your manager he might have rules against him that say he can't get romantically involved. Clearly he likes you and cares about you, but sometimes complications present themselves that could stop things going on on his end.

    From experience within my family (employee getting into a relationship with a manager), they had warnings about being fired etc. and have had to move on to different stores and everything. Maybe that's something he can't deal with, I suppose it may be best for you to move on and try to take some happiness from the attraction.

    Sorry about your boyfriend; he lets the rest of decent men down. Hope he gets some karma coming back around to him.

    • In the end he proceeded to say he didn't intend to change his mind & he's sorry

  • Move on. 


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