How do get to know tht ur boy friend luvs you or not if he is a very shy person?

he tlls he lus me but never express it. he promise to express but can't but i want his luved expressed only while chatting he can but not in real life. which makes me sad all the time. i think to brk up


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  • If he's a shy person and he's with u and not with other girls most of the time then he loves u...

    And if u want him to b more expressive then talk to him about it... Tel him that u want him to free and comfortable around u and that he doesn't have to feel shy as u r no stranger to him... Make him open up some more... I won't advice on breaking up so soon... Give him a chance

    • he just talks to my girl friends to make me jealous. he says he has no topic to talk with me in class
      hence he dnt tlks to me. but on chat he is extremly free he just chat on his friends watssp app but on Facebook he doesn't replies to my hii

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    • Explain to him how u feel about it and tel him that if things go on like this then it won't work out... Tel him that jus like everyone u have ur own expectations from ur bf and that if he treats u jus like any other friends then it jus won't work out... Tel it to him in a decent way so as not to offend him... If u loves u he'll make an effort (though it may b slow since he's shy) to b the guy u want... Even aftr all this if he still is the same with u then u think of moving on..

    • He's a shy guy so mayb infront of frndz he's uncomfortable and afraid they might tease him or something... Don't worry about this... First let him talk to u lovingly when itz only the 2 of u... As he grows older that shyness wil eventually disappear and he'll b more open even infront of ur frndz... Another thing u cud try is like a joint date or something (but only if he's okay with it... Don't scare him off)... Mayb when he sees the other couple he might try to b the same way with u... It might help him open up... Bt considering ur age i don't recommend this because u might scare him off too much and make it worse...

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