We like each other a lot... How do I tell him I like him back? I really like this guy, I am 13 and he is 14?

. A while back he told his sister ( my bestie) to tell my me he really really liked me, that's exac what he said to... I never told him back that I liked him... I don't know how because I don't see him much anymore, because I FaceTime my best friend everyday, but I started having to do it when he wasn't there... But the other night I was FaceTimeing my friend at 8:30 just 30 minutes before my wifi turns off, parents I know right, when he came in and said goodnight to me, I know he still likes zme. We both play minecraft, and the same server regularly, but as I said before never at the same time...😞... How do I tell him I like him without getting into a relationship? I'm only 13 and he doesn't want to date either... I was thinking about leaving poetic clues for him on the minecraft server... Is that cliche'? I need help and fast...😟 I really like him but one other problem.. he acts like I'm like way younger like his little sister, because me and his sister are the best of friends... And I know he doesn't want his brother to know that he likes me, is he even worth it... If he won't treat me as an equal. every guy I liked treated me that way... Do I just need a guy that would just love me? This is what I was thinking of leaving him on the server

Dear radryan2k2,
I'm here to say that I love you
Now you may think it queer
That I stay away and not come near
But oh my dear
I have a lot to say
So please stay
Listen to my poem
That I wrote this very day
My wifi turns off at 9:00
And I can't talk to Sierra past 5:00
So I shall never see you
But I'm sure that's ok
Cause this poem is probably steep
As it's written by rango peep
You probably think that I'm a stalker
But I can defiantly just go away and walker
Because I know you probably moved on
And that your liking for me has gone
That's ok
That's alright
But everyday I think of you
Every night
And wonder if your love for me is alright
Do you love me like you used to?

Yah.. I definitely agree... I have no wish to date right now, I am just super stumped... He already told me he liked me, and part of me wants to say something back, but I also feel like it might lead him on... I have liked this guy for like... Well since I was 7... I have no wish for a relationship... I just wish I could tell him... He has asked his sister on many occasions if I like him, of course she tells him yes... Little jerk... But I wanna tell him... I don't wanna seem idiotic though...
I can't tell him in person... I'm to shy, I can barely look at his face... That's why I wanted to leave him a note on the server... Should I do the admirer poem or just a letter... Or nothing... I'm to young to even be thinking about him... But I really like him a lot... And I want him to know... Because he's constantly making jokes about when we grow up we will get married and stuff... But I still haven't told him i like him back... I just have to tell him... But how?


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  • no... i think u should make a plan and tell him live... would you rather feel embaressed after he told someone how he feels and soon the word spreads or would you rather be humilated yourself? i really think you should tell him how you feel and only date when you think you're ready coz you;re a bit too young... but do what is best for you...#no pressure

    • I defiantly know I'm to you, we are both to embarked to tell eachother we like eachother in person how do I tell him with out feeling like an idiot...😳

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  • You're a little young for love, don't you think? Unless you're ready to consider marriage, don't worry about guys.

    But I would just tell him to his face.

    • I don't want o end up in a relationship, because we both feel we are gonna date with a view to marriage... It just hurts to know that he has told me he likes me and I haven't said anything back... Oh well right...

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