Bad Boy interpretation

A guy that currently possesses the following traits: (Or some of them)

- Mystery

- Risk

- Heart

- Intelligence

Or here's a more defined list: (in no particular order)

- Protects you and takes cares of you

- Brings thrills and new experiences to the relationship

- Remains a mystery by not being direct about certain answers that otherwise have no real meaning in the relationship (ex Age)

- Has the potential to be angry, but has a heart to treat you sweet

- Everyone knows his name, but knows nothing about him

I want to know everyone elses perceptions / interpretations and also their insight of:

In the past, more women seemed to want bad boys, but in current times, these trends are changing. They have experienced the bad boys and are looking for the sweet nice guys that will treat them right.

If you have encountered a "bad" boy / girl - please describe your interaction, was it pleasant- or was it pain?

I'd like to see everyone's responses

~ ArtistBBoy


Most Helpful Girl

  • I just have a comment about the "mystery" part...

    Being a mystery means sharing information slowly rather than putting it all out on the table at once, not necessarily withholding information. I want to know basic demographics like age. It might not seem too important to a relationship, but I have to know the basic information before I learn the rest.


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  • well to me a bad boy is a guy who's dangerous, smart, powerful in some way, reckless and passionate ... and I think they're hot. you just have to watch out that you don't fal in love with him lol but they're a lot of fun. and sweet guys can get quite boring after a while...


What Guys Said 1

  • Actual bad boys don't skulk around the internet trying to find out what makes a girl think someone's a bad boy or how women relate to bad boys. If you want to impersonate the bad boy image, be prepared to keep up this act for a long time. And if you ever slip, bear in mind that while girls can talk all day about how bad boys are jerks, what they really hate is a poser, so when word gets out you are one you're going to need a new zip code if you want to date again.

    • Slow down amigo - I'm not asking how to be one, nor would I want to. This is to fill all of those similar questions in ONE spot - not 300 different locations. Everyone seems to keep asking this question, so your attack should be more subtle.

      Also, you are correct about the portion of girls disliking posers- which is why they through up a front (in my own opinion) to discourage guys that think they are 100% when really they are only 99% real

      Dont make accusations on my character.


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