Are we all dateless? Is this the wave of the future?

Hi Everyone!

This is a long. Why am I dateless al? Are guys not interested no matter what? Am I an overly confident, blunt introvert?

I've never been overly popular with the guys. I'm an outgoing-introvert these days. I do film production, acting, teach Intro to Acting, paint, garden, decorate my duplex in pastel-Tim Burton-Candyland-type art, and have a normal part time customer service job on the side. I even entered a late night writing workshop and hope I am selected! (It's in New York if I can make the trip out.)

Once, a sweet guy on a dating site asked what I "was up to this weekend." I told him I'm in a sketch comedy troupe and we have someone from an IFC sketch show (WKUK) watching our final dress rehearsal and that I felt so grateful!

The guy immediately lost interest in me. And even called me a loser/poser. I was completely stumped. I don't think I'm a loser or poser by any means. (He may have just been controlling and crazy? Maybe he didn't want to understand me? I don't know. I would not call someone those things as I believe we all can do cool things with our lives.)

Ever since then, on dating sites, I give very little information about my personal life when talking with potential dates.

I used to be less open and outgoing. I used to kind of... Mope around a bit but with a depressed smile on my face. I did some photography and modeling but was overall very sad and super thin. Guys still didn't want to date me then either. So I decided not to wait around for guys to like me (or a guy to "save me") and I went vegan and decided to get out there and help others and move out of my parent's house and live on my own, do comedy, turn every serious situation into comedy, do improv, and live a cool life and spread knowledge non-forcefully (by living by example).

I've had 1 long relationship in my life. I'm 29.

Just wondering if anyone can relate? Do you think we're evolving into a non-dating type world? Is it the wave of the future?

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Most Helpful Guy

  • You sound great.

    Why are you anon?

    Why did you put the wrong age in your profile?

    I mean... it's fine... but I just wonder how often you're hiding yourself, versus putting yourself out in the open.

    • I didn't even realize that! On message boards like this, I don't care to known. On social media, it's a different story.

    • I also save some grumpy complaining for my sketch comedy. Woot!

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  • I don't think so. Some of us naturally have a hard time finding chances for relationships, but it doesn't mean it's hopeless. Just means we gotta work a bit harder at it and not give up and whatnot.

  • Reevaluate yourself.

    • Oh God, I do this everyday. I think it's ruining me

  • I think people like us get thrown towards the far away walls of the gymnasium while the average many people play ferociously in the middle ;)

    • Haha, hehe!

    • I'm not a fan of the victim plea, or the philosophy of "life happens to me and I have no control" -- I used to think that way though! And man oh man... That got me nowhere.

    • That's gravity sweetie. We all do our best against it. I personally like to throw my hands up and twirl as it pushes me in the direction of another ;)

      I think you sound great, actually, not sure what the hell was up with that guy.

  • Who knows? Perhaps we are...

    • Perhaps!

    • Maybe, we'll have chips in our brains for automatic matches and hookups...

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  • Nah. Only some.