Can a guy and girl really just be "FRIENDS" without either of them wanting more then friendship?

Soooooo my boyfriend dosent seem to think that a guy and female can just be friends that never slept together and dosent want anything more then friendship ! I have two guy best friends and I've been friends with them since 5th grade one of them is gay so my boyfriend dosent have a problem with him but he has a big one with my other friend. He says that he flirts with me and when I ask how he says "I'm a guy I know when another guy likes a girl" I don't see it though. What do you guys think? Do you think a guy and girl can just be friends no benefits and neither of them wanting anything more then friendship?


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  • I've given this a lot of thought. I think it can work as long as everyone knows the boundaries, but I also agree with your boyfriend. In most cases of friendship with no-hooking up, I think the guy would hook up with the girl if she was willing, and the girl is keeping the friendship the way it is lol

    However, that doesn't mean those guys don't respect the boundaries or the relationship she's in. Or that they're not accepting of the "just friends" title.

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