I think I like my boss and think he likes me back.. how to find out?

Just to be clear, my boss is only 3 years older than me, before you get the wrong idea ;). At first I only liked him as a colleague but I am starting to like him more than that and have the feeling he likes me too.. He laughs at everything I say, always asks me how I am, makes jokes all the time and just asks for my attention all the time. I also catch him looking at me and he smiles every time I say something, also when not directed at him. When we are suddenly with just the two of us it always feels a little awkward though. And he does talk about girls, but mainly celebrities he likes so not about his real interests.. I am not sure how to find out if he likes me, apart from all the things I see right now at work and am also not sure what I should do about this even when I would know he likes me... So.. please let me know what you think about this ;)

anyone else?


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  • I think he does like you. It also seems he is flirting a lot with you. I think the only way to find out for sure if he likes you is by hanging out with him like during lunch or even some where else that isn't a work setting. Maybe one day he may invite you out to hang out some where and that would really show he is interested and even if he tried to get your number. He may be trying to keep it professional. I think eventually he will try to make a move.

    • Thanks! We do hang out a lot outside of work, but always with a group of colleagues. He did hug me goodbye last time we went out.

    • Your very welcome. And that is good that you and him hang out after work. That does suck that it is with colleagues. But their still does seem potential of something happening. And that is cool that he hug you goodbye. Maybe he was thinking of kissing you on the cheek or something and hesitated.

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