Guys, would you do this?

I recently started talking to guy almost a month ago. He's in the middle of working a turn around (7-12's nights) and we've only been able to go on one date.

When we went on the first date, there was no hug or kiss at the end because he told me he didn't know what my boundaries were so he didn't want to cross any lines.

I asked him recently what exactly he was looking for because the sex topic has come up and it's pretty frequent but we also talk about the "stupid important" things like what each other's favorite food, color, song, movie, etc. is.

Today, he asked me if he could come say hello at my work. I told him yes. He told me when he got here so I could go outside and see him. When I saw him, he kissed me. I said, "Oh wow! I wasn't expecting that at all, but I'm not complaining." He said, "Good! Cause I wanna do that again." Then we kissed again.

My question is, this guy sounds interested right? Cause I am totally digging him. I just know some guys are really good sweet talkers and I don't wanna fall for that.


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  • Probably he is. But keep an eye on him.

  • He sounds interestee to me

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