Understanding girls! What to do?

So I meet this girl a few months back and we really hit it of! One night we were out partying and she kissed me out of nowhere and later that night we went home to her place (you know the rest) But a week after all this i decided to move back to my home country (she comes from the same place but is studying in another country, but she will move back when she is done) I asked her if she wanted to try to have a serious relationship even though the distance was long between us. She told me she really wanted to but didn't know if she was ready (also told me that her last relationship was a bad experience) after that everything went downhill... It was like she was holding back and trying to keep a distance... now i haven't heard from her in a month... I just don't understand it i know she likes (she told me) and i keep thinking about her every day!

I got no idea what to do! if i should send here a message ask her how she is doing or just forget about her and move on :S

You guys got any tips?

Sorry for my bad grammar :)


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  • She is not ready for a relationship


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