Why would he ask me do I love him, if I've never told him that and he's never told me that?

We're just former friends with benefits, he recently reconnected with me and we saw each other yesterday. We just sat in his car, talked laughed and did some catching up. He was holding my hand and he asked me if I loved him? Then I was in the middle of a sentence and he said "because you love me" and started kissing me. I can't say I didn't enjoy that moment It just left me wondering why he asked. Could he be in love with me?

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  • He's probably in love with you and didn't know how to bring it up or tell you so instead he kind of made turned the situation around so that it sounded like YOU said "I love you" first.

    • Omg lol this is such a great point

    • Sorry to respond so late, but first thanks for the MHO! Second, I hope all goes well (or HAS gone well) with this guy. I wish you the best of luck. 8)

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  • he's probably because he's in love with you but doesn't have to balls to tell you

    • That's what I thought

    • friends with benefits almost always ends with one of the persons involved getting feelings for the other one, so at this point if you interested in him as well you could pursue a relationship, or just keep going how its going and act like nothings new. whatever makes you happy!

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