Either I gave him the wrong impression, he's not interested, or both. I don't know what to do? Please help, I don't have much experience?

Me & this guy at the gym had a shy flirting going on, finally asked for my #. We started texting immediately. It was going good he was sweet & then our convo turned a bit sexual. next day, same thing but he was still sweet. But he said he really wanted to see me so we met up & then shit got real. We started to hook up but it was awkward in the car so we stopped, sat & talked. He had work so I left.
Next day he was short with me & he hasn't been as sweet since we hung out & I asked if something was wrong he said nothing is wrong:). I'm a good girl. I had never done anything sexual like that. I told him (but why should he believe me we hooked up) & cleared it up that if it was just about that I didn't want to. He said he understands. He texted sexual again later I did too but I said something that went too far. I'd never even done that tho so I said so. He said he felt bad & thought he was making me bad. I don't like people feeling bad so I said not to.

We hung out couple days later. Cuddled but then it got sexual. We didn't have sex bc I already told him no. Very Short with me the next day. Then didn't hear from him for a day. Then he text me With 3 replies of two worded answers & that was it but he came to the gym & I was there but he smiled & that was it. I text him before work the next day, he replied & was nice & sent a :) didn't hear from him for 4 days. Asked how he was finally, everything seemed good just said he was busy, again he sent a :). Then he said he'd text me when he could.

Haven't heard from him, he hasn't been to the gym, but he's on social media & I also saw him out one day but he didn't see me. He is very quiet. Very quiet. More so than me & I think I gave him the wrong impression of me. I'm not a slut & I don't want him to think that bc of my actions. His names for me are either dork or crazy. I was a virgin but he doesn't know.. What do I do? I know I'm stupid lol


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  • So you lost your virginity to him? I had a hard time understanding the flow.

    • Yes I did. He doesn't know. Sorry it's just complicated and I tried to sum it up.

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    • Don't beat yourself up about it. It's what you wanted to do at the time. If you two were dating right now would you be that upset that you did it? Probably not. It's only because of how this turned out, not the act itself. Society tries to tell us that only promiscuous ladies crave sex in that way, and definitely not virgins, and I'm here to tell you it's not true. Virgins can be some of the horniest girls I've ever met lol

      Anyway, this really depends on if you'll be hurt or not by how he reacts to your news. If you just simply want to put it out there and don't care, then I'd just text him telling him you felt you needed to share something and then spill it when he answers. If you'll be hurt by any "non-ideal" reaction he has, then probably best to keep it to yourself.

    • It was in part the act tho, It kinda messed me up after I left & thought about it. Most promiscuous thing I've done. I am ashamed of my actions. I don't think I'll get hurt, I didn't know him long enough for him to hurt me, & I have no ideal reaction bc I've never had this convo with anyone. I do feel bad bc he seemed like a nice, low key guy & I was the bad one & it's usually the other way around for me Lol plus he shouldn't have to avoid the gym. I appreciate your help & not judging me on this! You confirmed my assumption, I wish a guy could be straight up & end things instead of leaving me hanging for once. Thank you!

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