Was this a good FIRST date?

I just got home from my first date with this girl I like, it was also the first date I've ever been to. We met online and we're both looking for a relationship. We've been texting for the past 2-3 days, and also we've been snapchating constantly for the last day.
We decided to meet and go to grab some coffee. The problems begin here:
1) She payed... I was ready to pay, I even extended my arm with the money to the cashier, but she gave her her credit card and the cashier took her card instead of my money. I got kinda mad at her for paying, and I told her I owed her.
2) There were some silences during the date, not much and they lasted for like 5-10 seconds though.
3) When we left the place she told me she was going to take a nap, 'cause she was really tired (excuse for not wanting to keep hanging out?). I told her to meet up this weekend, but she said some friend may be coming to town (an excuse to not meet? I don't know).

Throughout the date we laughed, we made eye contact, and she said she had a good time, but I feel like it wasn't good enough, it lasted less than an hour.
She's great, and I want to meet her again, but I don't know if she wants that too. Should I tell her it was my first date, that's why it was kinda awkward?

I don't know what to do, I don't want this to end up in nothing, I feel there may be some chemistry between us.

(sorry for the long read).

Anyone else has an opinion on this?


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  • So what if she paid, means she isn't using to for money.

    Tomorrow I'd make sure to text her that you had fun and would like to do it again. Then suggest something to do and when you're free. It's up to her after that.

    Honestly I don't like being that in contact with someone when we're just getting started. All the contact seems like it's serious but it's not.

    Sorry to say but I'd use those excuses if I weren't interested. Maybe that's just me. Time will tell. Practice makes perfect.

    • That's what I fear, that she's not interested anymore :( I'll text her tomorrow then, and I hope she's still interested.

    • Good luck. I'd like to know how it goes. You sound like a genuinely nice guy.

    • Thanks. If something else happens, I'll tell you :)

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  • The date itself was fine (going out to eat), but I'm not sure if you two hit it off exactly as well as you do online. It can be awkward meeting someone for the first time, especially for a date, and especially for a first date.

    • I fear she may not want a second date... We didn't kiss, or even hold hands, I feel like it was a disaster because I really didn't get to know if she likes me or not.
      I'm really confused, because I know I need some time to show my true me, I need to feel comfortable, but I fear that because of that she may not wanna give me another chance.
      Should I text her telling her that it was my first date, and that was why it was kinda awkward?

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    • Ok, thanks so much for your help; really appreciated :)

    • You're welcome! Good luck :)
      I'm usually here if you need some more advice!

  • sounds ok. why are you upset she paid?

    • Really? You think it was ok?
      I was upset because I know most of the girls like the men to pay for the first date, and she being the one who paid made me feel like she did that because she didn't expect a second date, so she would've felt bad taking advantage and getting a free coffee for nothing.

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    • so, pay next time. I like to take turns paying.

    • Yeah, that's what I'm planning to do... if there's a next time :S

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