Has there been a point in your life when you weren't ready for dating?

Was there any part of your life where there was a reason you didn't want to date anyone even if there were people interested in you whether it be because of a particular situation or maybe you were too busy to start any relationships?

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  • No. Not really. I mean I would take on a relationship at any part of my life, but that's not to say I could have devoted all of my time into it, with jobs and school and everything. I think that everyone deserves a shot at love, and I would probably accept someone's invitation if they asked me. Who am I to judge?

  • I really liked this guy when I was younger, but I felt like I just wasn't ready to date and I openly told him that. He in turn got upset at the fact that we both liked each other and he didn't understand how I could simply just not want to date, so we stopped talking for a while. Then, after that long period of time, after I'd finally opened up to dating, it just didn't feel right for either of us anymore. So we're really really good friends now and probably always will be.


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