She thinks about me a lot, but she has a boyfriend, I blew it with her once cuz I freaked out about how I felt but I think I love her, what do I do?

I like this girl... and I had a chance with her a while ago but I blew it but I got feelings for her again but she told me we could just be friends, we hung out and she said she missed it and how we used to be talking, but now that she has a boyfriend she still says she thinks about me a lot. WHAT DO I DO! I'm going crazy and I know it's not serious because she said she's not gonna be with him when he goes to college


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  • I literally had this exact thing happen to me. I was the girl in this situation but I knew what was going on. If she's happy in her relationship, DO NOT mess with that. In my case, the guy did and he confessed his feelings for me and eventually it pushed me to break up with my boyfriend who I truly did like but the other guy tempted me too much. So don't tempt her, please. She might say she thinks about you and that's fine but she's with that guy for a reason. If she isn't happy with him, she'd have left him by now.


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  • She's hooking you; if she's serious, tell her that you want to be with her, and she needs to leave her current boyfriend. If she doesn't, she's toying with you.

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