What do girls look for in a love letter?

I have been dating this girl (long distance). I love her so much but im just not the best with my words. I just want to write something really sweet for her on Valentine's day.


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  • Just really sweet and sappy things that are also personal and genuine. Talk about things like how you love waking up and seeing her first thing in the morning, or how your heart jumps for joy every time you see her smile. Just tell her how much she means to you. All she wants is to feel important. :)


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  • There are lots of different sites that offer cute quotes and ideas. Bring up your favorite things about her, best memories, the things that make you love her and that make her special. Tell her how the distance means nothing and you can't wait to old her. That she could be a million miles away but your love will stretch every mile. Be cute. Be geeky. Be you

    • What is a girl most favorite thing to hear though.

    • That she's everything to you. Your best friend, secret keeper, lover, earth and sky, the moon and the stars, your one and only, first and last.

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