Girls what would your prime example of masculinity be?

One example and elaborate please?


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  • Wouldn't be anything associated with strength or machismo.
    A guy seems 'manly' or to embody masculinity to me when he is actually able to remain calm and clear-headed in a situation that would throw others off their rockers and lose their cool.

    That could be in anything. Like if they're having a heated discussion with their girlfriend, where she says some things that are super out of line. Regardless of what the girl said leaving her looking ridiculous and a bit cray, he's able to keep it together and 'weather the storm'.

    That cray girl may have been me. Shortly after I said it and felt incredibly stupid, I thought it was incredibly sexy how my guy was able to keep his calm when it would have been completely appropriate that eh loses it.
    In my eyes, when a guy can pull things like that off, that's real 'manliness'.
    None of that huge arms/muscle-tanks stuff, please.


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  • i honestly think in my eyes, it's a classy man. like, a working dude. lol. whether that's in construction, the farm, or in a glass building. seeing a dude work or even be dressed to look like it is sexy *blushes*

    • Lol I don't think you'd be saying that if you saw the place I used to work. This old warehouse with no heating or air conditioning tons of appliances, parts and tools all over the place. you'd either be freezing to death while cleaning mold and food out of freezers, fridges, microwaves and ovens, repairing them, loading them or taking them off of trucks. Or you'd be doing the same thing in the hot months except you'd be sweating to death and have to pour water on yourself to get cool.

    • haha I don't know I'm the type who can still find the sexiness in a situation like that:P @phoenix98

    • Lol I'm sure.

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  • Respecting, loving and want to provide and protect the woman you're with, that's a man. It has nothing to do with physicality for me.

  • Just being physially strong. not like buffff but like man enough to push a car or lift weights


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