Does he actually like me or am I just chasing a fantasy?

. I started dating a good friend of mine. He got out of a bad relationship a few months ago where his ex fiance cheated on him with his own brother. We haven't been dating for long but I will say the first night we really did anything affectionate together, we were making out and touching each other. Now he doesn't do that anymore when I go to see him. He cuddles with me, but he doesn't kiss me. I have to kiss him, and when I do he either gets up to do something else, or he will peck me on the lips and move his head. But he will hug me affectionately when I leave, and walk me to the door. He even asks me to let him know that I got home safely. It's killing me inside, because I have no idea what he truly thinks of me. Is he doing this because he truly wants to get to know me first instead of becoming intimate right off the bat? Is he distancing himself out of respect? Or is he trying to figure out his feelings for me? I need some advice from the men about this. Please help.


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  • He's probably figuring out his feelings. I think he may have rushed into your relationship too quickly. Give him some time; he needs to heal.

    • Thank you, that makes sense. I feel a little less worried now.

    • It's unfair for you because you're willing to give everything into this relationship, but he just had his "love of his life" betray him. He probably doesn't trust his own judgment. Be patient and supportive; he'll come around and show you his affection.

    • You are so sweet, thank you... I have the utmost respect for him and I am willing to wait and be patient if that is what it takes. Everything you've said makes so much sense to me, and I am grateful for that. I won't push him into anything he's not ready for, but I'm hoping he won't be afraid to commit in the future because of his last relationship.

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