Is he interested or is there another motive?

I started talking to this guy about a month ago. We went on one date but he's working a turnaround so I understand that he's busy and he doesn't have much extra time on his hands.

After the date he didn't hug or kiss me and I thought I seriously must have messed it up but in my eyes we both had a great time. He even planned another date on the ride home once his turnaround is finished. But still, no hug, no kiss.

I asked him about that about a week later and he said "I wanted to be respectful to you. I wanted to kiss you about 3 times for sure that night but I didn't want to come across as too forward."

Anyways, since then, the topic of sex has come up and we get into pretty explicit detail. We still have our normal conversation as well. He also wants to know my favorite movie, song, color, food, etc. You know, the stupid important things. Lol. He also told me he wants to bring his daughter to my little cousins birthday party coming up in about a week if he can. He's never met anyone in my family so I feel like that would be a huge step for him, as well for me since I haven't met his daughter yet. She's almost 2.

He asked me today if he could come to my work and give me that kiss that he owed me because he said "I don't want to wait 19 more nights." (That's when his turnaround ends). So I said sure. I stepped outside and he kissed me, and boy it was good!!

He told me he wanted to come give me a "good morning kiss" tomorrow morning when he gets off. I agreed to that.

My thing is this... is it possible that he could be in this for another reason since now we are talking about sex? Or is this a genuine action that men have when they're interested? The only reason I ask is because I have been screwed over and played so bad in the past. You'd think I would know if I'm getting sweet talked or not but I really like this guy. Any and all comments are appreciated! 😊


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  • If he's talking about you meeting his daughter, that sounds pretty serious. There's always a chance that he might have ulterior motives, but that's why date and go into relationships. It's a risk but the reward is worth it.


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