I held another guys hand?

Ok So my Best Friend, My Best Friend's BF and His Friend and I all went to Wood Stocks to get some pizza. It was fun, However, by the end of the night the friend of the Bf and I were holding hands it wasn't anything serious just like two friends holding hands and we both agreed it was awkward but now I feel REALLY GUILTY because I have a boyfriend

I'm not really sure what my question is but I guess I just wanted to ask does this make me a bad person, did I cheat on my BF (I really do love my BF), and should I feel guilty?

Also should I tell my Bf or just forget about it like it never happened?


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  • Well, if it was only holding hands, probably not a huge deal, but certainly an uncomfortable one. I would definitely avoid such a situation in the future. As to your boyfriend, I'd explain it to him. He probably will be upset, but he'll be even more upset if he finds out from someone else.


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