Single rose before Valentine's day a good idea?

There's a nice girl who I like and who likes me. We are both in college. We knew each other decently well already, but we went out on a "real" date last weekend. Coffee and hanging out before that. Long story, but I have something good and pretty unique figured out for Saturday. That happens to be Valentine's day.

It was suggested by a good friend that I surprise her with a rose. I love the idea, is waiting for her as she gets out of class with a single red rose too much / too strong too soon?


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  • that is the sweetest thing ever, if you've been on a date i don't think it's too full on, since you've both established a romantic interest in each other.

    a rose is always going to be heavily romantic and corny, but that's what Valentine's is all about! you can always play it down with a joke and a laugh, i think most people would be really flattered when given a pretty rose. :)

  • I think it's a good idea very sweet! If y'all like each other in sure she'll apreciate it:) please go answer my last question?


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