Whats something girls like to receive on Valentine's day?

Valentine's day is coming up and i can't really think of anything special to get her. PS she doesn't really like chocolate) ty:)
Any examples?


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  • Day at the spa, lingerie, letter of why you love her, breakfast in bed, a spontaneous night away at a nice hotel, flowers, or jewlery.

    Whatever makes her happy focus on that. GL


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  • It depends on your girlfriend's interest. Suggest some so people can give you advices !

    For me: well I would love to hear my boyfriend plays guitar and sings to me our song. that's all ^^

    • Haha ya i play the guitar also! I was thinking of playing thinking out loud. Thanks for the idea!

    • 'Thinking out loud' is a really sweet song. You should do that !!! I think she would melt haha

  • A card! With what u feel about her inside


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