Guy asks me out regularly (and I say yes), but when I ask him to do something he always says "let's save it for another night". Is this a power thing?

I've started seeing this man and he is sort of a head scratcher for me. It started friendly enough, he invited me to go to the gym with him and after some time we started meeting for drinks and such. He is unbelievably respectful, kind, and seems to enjoy my independence. We have a great time together and he makes it clear that he wants to see me again. The strange thing is, he will only agree to meet up with me if he does the asking. I am a strong believer in sharing the responsibility of the awkward beginnings, but any time I ask him out he always asks for a "rain check".
After going out on five dates with the guy and having him turn me down for every suggestion I've made (he has asked me out after these times), I'm starting to wonder, does he not want me to ask him and for me to wait for his call?


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  • What have you suggested to him?

    • Just simple things, like meeting up for a drink after work. I'm not going off the deep end here haha. I've never been one to get too bent out of shape of having someone not want to do something. But every time I ask? A little strange.

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    • I hate it as well.

    • thanks.

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  • Yea, seems he has you totally under control...

    • I find this hilarious (one because you're kind of right) but also because I have always had the issue of men finding me intimidating or overly independent. I think this guy managed to confuse me into temporary submission haha.

    • You like this submission? You enjoy it? You're not gonna do sth about it?

    • Ha! I said "temporary" for a reason.

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  • Yeah that wouldn't jive well with me, next time he asks you out, tell him you want to pick the place and see how that goes. If he seems uncool with it, then he's on a major power trip.

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