Shall I ask him why he is ignoring me?

So I have been dating this guy and I was talking to him yesterday evening on whatsapp because I'm away at the moment. I never got a reply from him and it says that he had gotten the message but not read it, and he has been on whatsapp today. Shall I ask him if he's ignoring me or shall I just wait couple of days and then ask him?

And by the way, I don't like to be ignored like this. I rather someone say what's going on instead of ignoring me because then I'll just walk around wondering what I have done.
Please, anyone?


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  • Asking him that makes you seem clingy.
    Find a new way to ask or bring up a different topic. Just because the app shows him being online doesn't mean he is.

  • I'd say no. This is really minor being honest - give it at least a few days or just drop him another message to say hey. Wouldn't confront him about it, may appear too pushy.


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