What to do if my boyfriend does this? Please help?

we re in LDR, and he used to talk to me for 6 hours a day. Now he stays so busy, he doesn't talk properly, I know he never remains busy, and I know everybody needs their own time. But as we never see each other, he should at least talk. What should I do? And somedays he talks nicely, but somedays he isn't available. I don't feel good.


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  • some times it will happens
    give him some space

  • Keep yourself guarded and focus on everything else in life. Put him second for a little while - he might be genuinely busy. First and foremost - ask him! Tell him your concerns, if he's a good enough man and boyfriend, he'll be open about what's going on. If he isn't open with you, then there's a reason to possibly worry.


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