Is it normal to wonder if a guy really means what he says to you, and wonder if he's just said these things to every past girlfriend?

He seems open and honest... tells me waaay more about his past relationships than I need to know. But explains to me it is different with me.

I'm sure much of the romantic, heartfelt and sentimental things he's said he has said to perhaps each girl. I suppose this puts me off a lot.

Should it?


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  • When we say this bullshits we really mean it but you don't really appreciate what we do for you or say so you sometimes get angry and it ends like that then we say "she was a bitch she didn't deserve me" but we really meant what we said back then to each and every ex!

    • Whaaat, come on you can't possibly know what I'm trying to say! I know what you are saying, but this guy, he just said it nonchalantly like nothing, you know? Like as easy as saying "goodbye". He has stopped himself in embarrassment... so I just figure, he must throw the "love" word around so easily.
      I appreciate it when it is said truly, it has not been said to me truly first. Like told to me, it was just said almost in passing.

    • Unless you think he really means it, I don't see how he could say it mistakenly in that case. He has said things to me otherwise in our intimate conversations that does lead me to believe it's possible, but still. I can't help but question it. (Sorry this got wordy)

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