Dating a guy and he says he's in a place financially?

Ok here's the scoop. Been dating a great guy for a few months. We been switching off to where we go his and my place. I asked him to come over this weekend I'll make him dinner and we will try to do something. He has kids from a previous relationship. He said okay but he's in a place and has to watch himself so he can take his kids out. I dated guys with kids before and get kids come first. Is this ️️him backing off or is meaning hey let's do something's low key. My reply was just that lets do something low key and that I get the kids reason.


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  • You have no way of knowing if he's using it as an excuse but I would guess that he is being honest.

    • Honest on?

    • I meant that he probably isn't using his kids as an excuse to back off from you.

    • Thank you dear! I don't think he would either.

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