Would I be wrong for doing this?

A friend of mine and I was having a conversation. Then he brought up his crush and showed me who she was. he was like "one day I will be with her." Then I told him she always smiling at me and staring into my eyes. me and dude are no longer friends, would I be wrong to date her. I see my old friend in the cafe everyday. it seems as though it would be evil to through this in his face, letting him see me and her together. but at the same time, he wasn't the best of friends anyway.

she is far from interested in him. she like black guys


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  • If you think you won't be quite comfortable dating her, talk to your old friend and make sure he understands the situation. I don't think there's anything wrong with going out with this girl.

    • Thanks, I think will talk to him. He was never a close friend but we did eat together sometimes.

    • Well then it's even less of a problem I'd say. Good luck!

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  • Well it's kinda a violation of bro code, but that ship already sailed.