Male behavior/confused. I just want someone to explain his actions. Was I too sensitive? Did I read him wrong?

I dated this guy in the summer who was very handsome, hard worker, he is that guy that was popular in high school, mans man. He had so many things I loved about him. I loved how playful he was and yet he was very intelligent. He took me out to movies, the beach, the casino (where I lost a lot of his money) he met my family and insisted on me being involved with his family. He took me to hang out with his friends. I mean this all happened in a two month period. He currently lived 8hrs away and way visiting his parents when we were getting involved.
we used to go to middle school together years ago. I used to have a huge crush on him and he had one on me too. We reconnected when he asked to come see me for a haircut years later.
Anyways everything was perfect. He was perfect. He was making big plans for our future together. He wanted me to come down to see him after he went home. We talked and emailed. He said he loved me.
only I couldn't fully return the feelings entirely because sometimes he would say or do something that seemed like a red flag to me. He would snap at me sometimes. Tell me I wasn't paying attention. didn't want to go to the river and meet my friends, instead bought a pool for the back yard at his parents house, very openly criticize me. In front of my dad said I had poor work ethic after my dad volunteered me to help him with chores around his parents house (which I would've gladly helped).
Onetime his dog was in the back seat of his truck and I got out of a busy road (parallel parked) because I needed something from the salon. I closed the door quickly trying to get out of the road and he scoffed at me saying I could've hurt his dog with the door as he was trying to sniff the air outside. I should've paid more attention.
I broke it off with him Thinking things weren't going well and he was crushed. Kept begfing me to reconsider. He wanted me to move there with him eventually.
I still broke it off and moved on. why did he act like this?


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  • Everyone has their pluses and minuses. He is a bit rough on the edges and he needs to work on those shortcomings. If you just dropped him cold turkey without showing him how to improve, he might act like that.

    The thing about flaws -- and this is true for most everyone -- is a person doesn't see them OR tends to downplay their severity and impact. That is why they are still flaws on that person. If they took it seriously, they would of dealt with it, right?

    So odds are, it isn't "obvious" to him.

    If you have already told him about it, then he hasn't chosen to take the criticism seriously yet. Let him know that is the deal. Take your criticism seriously, or you walk.


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  • well you know him better than me and if your behaviours do not match and u can't tolerate his actions then better move on!


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