How do I stop showing emotion from my past?

I been broken to many times. By the same person. I just kept wanting to make it work. Now I'm in love wit someone else. But my insucurities and trust issues came with me because how many time trust was broken with me how many times I was cheated on or beat. I'm trying to start new. And not have sort of dis trust for this new guy who says I can trust him

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  • The guy that your with now is not the same person who made you feel that way. Yes it is hard and I know exactly how you feel. I have been cheated on beaten repeatedly for hours on end and was even put in the hospital with anywhere from first to third degree burns. I went through hell and thought I was gonna die. What helped me get through was realizing what I will and will not put up with. What really helped me the most was my psychologist told me about rise up. Rise up is a group just for women who have been abused by men and it gives you the tools to help you heal. It gave me a sense of belonging and allowed me to see my mistakes. How to recognize the signs and it is a really positive environment. If you do care for this guy and you think he cares about you then tell him how your feeling. Let him help even though it is tough. Or maybe you need to take a step back and ask yourself what do I really want. If you have to write it down on paper. Think about why you are in the relationship. Are you lonely or is this something you really want. Is it a healthy relationship?

    • I know it is hard but if you need to talk or just simply need a friend don't be afraid to message me. You are strong and you are not broken. Chin up and I know you can get through this

    • Thank you very much I really care and want to be with him and im sure he cares other wise he wouldn't be here. I just have issue it run through my head is he out there fuckin other girls. But he tells me he not so I don't even ask I just have to trust him unless prove other wise but it runs through my head daily cuz my ex and I really try to meditate about it cuz I don't want to ruin a new relationship again

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