GUYS: What are some unlikable traits about a girl that would keep you from wanting to date her?

I guess you could say what are some turns offs that will keep you from wanting to date a girl. So what are a few?


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  • giving negative signals like being too passive in conversation, not laughing with his jokes and being honest. or a thousand other things that may give him a bad experience. be sexy and fun to talk u will catch everyone! :)
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  • Being negitive and lazy

    • When you say *lazy, is it considered lazy if a girl wants to just kick back sometimes and just chill?

    • Of course not, thats a good thing in my opinion what I mean like is when a girl says 'make me a drink' 'pass me this pass me that' even when she's closer to it its obviously a lot more than that haha:)

    • Hahaha oh okay! Lol that makes sense. Yeah, that sounds more like bossy than lazy though Haha!

  • entitlement, over does the euqaulity thing that she doesn't know where to stop and ends up trying to put you down/walk all over you, thinks she's more than what id rate her

    • Haha I almost thought you said "enlightenment" lol. But yeah that's a total turn off!

  • Being ugly or fat.

    • Any personality traits that turn you off?

    • selfishness, cockiness, overly flirty with too many guys, always needing reassurance

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