Why do you think its acceptable for a girl to have another dude in her dating profile of whom is just a friend but a guy can have a girl in he's?

I've seen a few profiles where girls have another dude in there profile but im scared to show my social life coz i have a lot of female friends just because we get along better but then i end up looking like a loner


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  • I always think it's weird when they do that.


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  • wellllllll honestly you should just post up the pics with the girls so they know you have girl friends before they get into something with you... because then they can't get mad and say that it pisses them off if they knew from the start.

    • but thats another point why get so jealous when i choose to be with you and not them

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    • now i get it, thank you for your help! :)

    • you're welcome! and good luck

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